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About the Book

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What do law enforcement agencies think of social media? Is it part of their communications toolbox?

This, the very first in-depth look at social media from an Irish perspective, has been undertaken by former journalist, social media guru and digital marketing trainer and practitioner Joanne Sweeney-Burke.

This book takes a forensic look at social media in this country and beyond whilst uncovering some of the challenges, opportunities and risks of law enforcement agencies engaging in new media technologies.

Joanne compares the Irish situation against international practice and asks – is social media the way forward in crime investigation, community policing and public relations?

This book is a guide to best practice use of social media for the Irish police force and is the first in a series on the topic of law enforcement and social media communications.


Lauri Stevens LAwS Comm

Lauri Stevens

Lauri Stevens of LaWS Communications and blogger at ConnectedCOPS works extensively with Police forces in America and Canada on their social media strategies. Speaking via video link at the launch she said, “This book could not come at a better time. With so many law enforcement agencies finally coming around to implementing social media into their communication programmes, so few are thinking about it strategically. Police aren’t trained to think like marketers and for good reason; they didn’t have the opportunity to “market” themselves and their agencies prior to the advent of social media. But now they can.

“Police need to approach social media communication proactively and plan and train for its use as much as they plan and train for anything else they do. Sweeney-Burke has given them a lot to think about and any agency that requires inspiration to further develop its communication strategy with social media or just get started in the first place would be well served to pick this up and read it – from cover to cover.”