The Media at Home Cast Their Eye on My Book Launch

The Media at Home Cast Their Eye on My Book Launch

It was a wonderful day back home in Donegal to retrace very pivotal steps in my career and meet some people from my journalism days, who definitely influenced my first book. A big thanks to my former colleagues for reporting on my debut book launch.

“A Downings woman made publishing history this week when she launched the first ever book on how a police force uses social media. Joanne Sweeney-Burke will complete another first next month when she addresses a conference of US law enforcement officers in Arizona and launches her online school for police forces officers using social media, from across the world.”

 – Kate Heaney, Donegal News


Donegal journalist and public relations consultant, Joanne Sweeney-Burke who hails from Downings, in her first book, takes a forensic look at how An Garda Síochána use social media for crime investigation. Her book Social Media Under Investigation, Law Enforcement and the Social Web was launched in the Irish Writer’s Centre in Dublin last week.

– John McAteer, Tirconaill Tribune

Tirconaill Tribune Feb2015


“It all started for her here at Highland Radio. Joanne Sweeney-Burke used to be a staff member in our newsroom and today she’s back to share news of her new book with us.”

– Shaun Doherty, Highland Radio 


Joanne Sweeney-Burke to address Law Enforcement Officers Conference in the USA

– Donegal Now Read full article here


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