Social Media Essentials for Law Enforcement – eLearning Course

Social Media Essentials for Law Enforcement – eLearning Course

I am delighted to announce that my first online course will be live very soon on my online school.

Why take this course?

Are you a communications professional working in a law enforcement setting; are you a law enforcement officer contributing to your agency’s social media strategy; or are you a law enforcement manager responsible for implementing social media in your organisation?

This online course will provide you with essential knowledge to launch or expand your social media activities. It will provide you with strategic knowledge to inform your current and future social media activities. At the end of the course you will possess the skills required to review your existing social media strategy and identify where changes need to be made.

Social Media Essentials for Law Enforcement has four modules:

Social media and law enforcement course outline

What time investment is required?    

  • This online course is broken up into four units.
  • Each unit requires two hours of learning.
  • Each unit contains tasks to test your learning.
  • The course is self-paced so you can learn anywhere, anytime and on the go over a period of time that fits into your lifestyle.

What resources are included in the course?

  • Social media for law enforcement skills checklist;
  • 50 stats every law enforcement officer using social media should know eBook;
  • One-hour webinar with Joanne Sweeney-Burke and course learners;
  • Chapter 1 of ‘Social Media Under Investigation, Law Enforcement and the Social Web’; and
  • A certificate of completion. You are required to complete a feedback form prior to receiving your certificate.

About the Trainer                                                                      Author Joanne Sweeney-Burke

I am a former journalist, PR lecturer and CEO in various corporate roles. I have 14 years experience in media and business communications. I am the founder, lead trainer and strategist at Digital Training Institute. My blog at was named one of Ireland’s top marketing blogs in Ireland by US-based website Search Engine Journal. I am the author of ‘Social Media Under Investigation, Law Enforcement and the Social Web’, which takes a forensic look at how police forces use social media. I am an international speaker. I delivered an address to the SMILE (social media, the Internet and law enforcement) conference in Phoenix, Arizona in April 2015. I blog about social media and law enforcement at I hold 11 academic and professional qualifications including a Masters Degree in Digital Marketing and a Masters Degree in Journalism. I am a former finalist in the Irish version of the international franchised TV Show, The Apprentice.

Download Course Brochure – Social Media Essentials for Law Enforcement

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