Joanne Sweeney-Burke to address Law Enforcement Officers in the USA

Joanne Sweeney-Burke to address Law Enforcement Officers in the USA

Author Joanne Sweeney-Burke announced as speaker at international policing conference. “A debut author who has undertaken the very first review of how An Garda Síochána use social media will address law enforcement Officers in the United States in April.”

flirten ├╝ber bluetooth Following the launch of my book Social Media Under Investigation, Law Enforcement and the Social Web at the Irish Writer’s Centre in Dublin my book has attracted attention Stateside. I have been invited to speak at the SMILE (social media, the Internet and law enforcement) conference in Phoenix, Arizona from 28-30 April hosted by the Phoenix Police. The event brings together law enforcement agencies from across the United States to discuss social media and policing.

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site de rencontre pour la france My debut title takes a forensic look at how An Garda Síochána use social media for crime investigation, community policing and public relations and benchmarks its activities against international policing best practice.

download blender dating site The way in which we communicate has changed forever and what the book clearly illustrates is that the social web is moving faster than education in this sphere. So while early adopting Police forces are now looking ahead to Web 3.0, many Police forces are still struggling to come to terms with the Digital Age and are falling behind including An Garda Síochána, not least because of a lack of training and management buy-in.

In respect of An Garda Síochána, I’ve described their social media approach as playful, personal and exploratory in the book. However I also see them experimenting with social media as opposed to strategising for social media. There are very many international case studies which clearly illustrate how you can adapt social media for policing and forces such as the West Midlands Police in the UK, Toronto Police, NYPD and Queensland Police are leaders in this area.

Lauri Stevens of LaWS Communications and blogger at ConnectedCOPS works extensively with Police forces in America and Canada on their social media strategies. Speaking via video link at the launch she said, “This book could not come at a better time. With so many law enforcement agencies finally coming around to implementing social media into their communication programmes, so few are thinking about it strategically. Police aren’t trained to think like marketers and for good reason; they didn’t have the opportunity to “market” themselves and their agencies prior to the advent of social media. But now they can.

“Police need to approach social media communication proactively and plan and train for its use as much as they plan and train for anything else they do. Sweeney-Burke has given them a lot to think about and any agency that requires inspiration to further develop its communication strategy with social media or just get started in the first place would be well served to pick this up and read it – from cover to cover.”

My motivation to write the book was timing. I believed there was a real need for a book such as this, as there are no real insights out there, in one place to ascertain how Police forces are using social media. As a former journalist and having undertaken academic research in the area of policing and communications I also have a genuine interest in the subject. So in the book I talk about how social media is morphing and how it’s considered by Police forces. It’s a new landscape for policing but they have no choice but to engage and embrace it. We are living through the digital revolution and citizens are now on the social web, and police forces must be where their citizens are – both offline and online. I’m really looking forward to addressing law enforcement agencies in the United States at the SMILE conference while finding out what developments are taking place there currently.

I have also launched a complementary website and online training school for law enforcement agencies called LEO which can be found at For more information on the SMILE Conference log onto


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special info About Joanne Sweeney-Burke

37-year-old Joanne Sweeney-Burke has 14 years extensive communications experience and her career includes broadcast and print journalism, industry PR and lecturing, marketing executive and CEO in various business roles. During her time as a broadcast journalist with Highland Radio she covered the Morris Tribunal and related criminal trials. She is also a Digital Marketing professional and is the founder of Digital Training Institute. She has an acute interest in online reputation, which she describes as “a new phenomenon by which employers, educators and peers create an opinion on us.”

She holds a Masters Degree in Journalism and a Masters Degree in Digital Marketing. She is co-founder of edtech startup Webiket, which delivers a range of eLearning courses on cyber wellbeing, the first of which is Young Minds Online. She is married to Tom, has two children Sophie (19) and Bobby (5) and lives in Galway. Joanne is originally from Donegal. She is also a previous finalist (2011) on the TV show, The Apprentice. Further Information

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